Why Chilliwack ?

Chilliwack is recognized as one of the most business-friendly communities in the region. The City of Chilliwack, along with the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO), works with businesses and developers to fast-track permit approvals, provide flexible solutions, and organize business support programs and services to help new and existing Chilliwack businesses achieve success.

Competitive costs, combined with a strong economy and excellent quality of life make Chilliwack a destination of interest for prospective businesses, investors, and residents.

Chilliwack is located in southwest British Columbia in a regional market of about 2.6 million people. With easy access to international freight ways, Chilliwack is ideally situated for industrial, commercial, and institutional businesses.

Community Profile

Chilliwack has an estimated population of 101,700, including First Nations communities within city boundaries. The last five years have seen steady growth, adding approximately 8,670 over this period at a rate of 9.4%. In fact, Chilliwack is the second-fastest growing CMA in Canada.

Learn about Chilliwack through our interactive Community Profile that provides in-depth demographic data and key indicators and insights into our economy, residents, workforce, livability, and more.

City of Chilliwack Neighbourhood Profiles and Trends 

Logistics Advantages

Chilliwack is located in southwest British Columbia (BC) beside the Trans-Canada Highway and next to the CN Railway and Southern Railway of BC. Chilliwack provides easy access to international freight ways and global markets.
  • Vancouver                           100km
  • USA Border Crossing         34 km
  • International Airport          42 km
  • Ocean Port                          80 km

Market Advantages

A supportive local ecosystem is essential for the sustainable development and growth of any region. Chilliwack’s growth and prosperity is a direct result of economic development efforts that foster economic stability, job creation, innovation, and social well-being, and collaboration among businesses, entrepreneurs, government, and the community. Leverage data on local consumers, dwellings, and businesses to find the customers your business needs.

Target Sector Advantages

Industry Insights

Talent Pipeline Advantages

Workforce Advantages

Access your target workforce and talent through education type, occupation type, and industry type.

Fast Growing Industries

Largest Industries

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