The City of Chilliwack makes substantial investments in transportation projects every year with the goal of improving the quality of infrastructure and connection within the community. Planned improvements  benefit vehicular traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians. 

Learn about current and completed construction projects in your neighbourhood and around Chilliwack: 
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Public Transit

Chilliwack has an efficient public transportation system with local and regional bus service and local HandyDart service provided by the provincial agency,  BC Transit. The Chilliwack Transit System is funded and operated as a partnership between the City and BC Transit.  Chilliwack Transit provides well over 500,000 rides per year. Ridership continues to rise with expansion and improvement to the system including the launch of the Fraser Valley Express. The Fraser Valley Express connects Chilliwack to Greater Vancouver with the final stop being Lougheed Town Centre Skytrain Station in Burnaby.

Water Supply

The City of Chilliwack’s drinking water is obtained from the Sardis-Vedder Aquifer and the Marble Hill Aquifer. The City monitors the quality of the untreated water from these sources through an extensive water sampling and monitoring program. 

Raw water quality meets the guidelines and is protected by the City’s Groundwater Protection Plan. 

Within the Groundwater Protection Area, activities which pose a risk of groundwater contamination are restricted, and development is required to take specified measures to protect the aquifers. 

Click here to learn more about Chilliwack’s water supply. 

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The City of Chilliwack’s Sanitary Sewer System collects wastewater from throughout the City and brings it to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) for processing and disposal. The WWTP is designed for the maximum daily flow to be 80,700mper day, currently our average daily discharge is 22,430mper day. The wastewater that flows through the Sanitary Sewer System is a combination of used water that comes from residential, industrial, commercial and institutional properties that are connected to the sanitary system. Treating wastewater helps protect the human health, the environment and aquatic life. The City of Chilliwack Regulates the Sanitary Sewer through the Sanitary Sewer System Regulation Bylaw No. 3702, 2010.


In 2017, Telus committed a $55 million investment into the community by bringing TELUS PureFibreTMNetwork to Chilliwack. Now 90% of homes and businesses have access to the fastest  and most reliable internet technology.