Community Planning

The population of Chilliwack is 113,767 with a growth rate of 12 percent over the last census period (2016-2021).  

In fact, Chilliwack is the second-fastest growing CMA in Canada.

This growth can also be seen in major developments in the
area, adding an average of $121 million to the local economy each year.

The City of Chilliwack’s 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP) presents a long-term vision and growth strategy that embraces all aspects of community development, including physical planning (land use/transportation/utility), economic development, environmental protection/enhancement, and social/cultural initiatives. At the same time, it addresses specific current and future challenges that confront Chilliwack and recommends practical solutions and a consistent strategy. Ultimately, the 2040 OCP represents a unified vision that brings all of the City’s initiatives, works and plans together and moves toward a healthier community.

2040 Official Community Plan