Community Planning

Chilliwack has an estimated population of 101,700 as of 2022, including First Nations communities within city boundaries. 

The last five years have seen steady growth, adding approximately 8,670 over this period at a rate of 9.4%. In fact, Chilliwack is the second-fastest growing CMA in Canada. 

The City of Chilliwack’s 2040 Official Community Plan (OCP) presents a long-term vision and growth strategy that embraces all aspects of community development, including physical planning (land use/transportation/utility), economic development, environmental protection/enhancement, and social/cultural initiatives. At the same time, it addresses specific current and future challenges that confront Chilliwack and recommends practical solutions and a consistent strategy. Ultimately, the 2040 OCP represents a unified vision that brings all of the City’s initiatives, works and plans together and moves toward a healthier community.

2040 Official Community Plan