20th Annual Chilliwack Agriculture Tour - 2021

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd.

The first stop on our tour is QuantoTech Solutions. QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. designs, manufactures, and operates micro farms to promote food security and sustainability by bringing fresh produce to unconventional climates, locations, and under-served communities.

QuantoTech Solutions is currently working with the University of the Fraser Valley’s Food and Agriculture Institute.

Oakridge Poultry Ltd.

The second stop on our tour is Oakridge Poultry Ltd. Oakridge Poultry is a first-generation free-range egg farm in East Chilliwack that is owned and operated by Kevin and Rebecca Herfst and their children Melissa and Steve. Their eggs are sold under the brand “Country Golden Yolks” and are available in grocery stores throughout BC.

Puratos Canada

Puratos Canada is part of the Puratos group, offering a full range of products, solutions and application expertise in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. Puratos, with its long and rich heritage in research and development, offers products that combine taste and nutritional value, contributing to consumers’ health and eating pleasure.

West River Farm

West River Farm Ltd. is a family owned dairy farm business in Rosedale, BC, operated by Grant, Gene & Sarah Sache. The farm is an average sized BC dairy farm, milking 150 Holstein cows. The Saches adopted robotic milking technology in 2015 to replace the aging double 5 parlour their parents installed in the 1970s. The farm team takes great care to grow and store quality local forage crops to fuel healthy, productive, home-grown cows, shipping over 2,000,000 litres of fresh BC milk per year.

Fraser Valley Hazelnuts

The fifth and final stop on our tour is Fraser Valley Hazelnuts. Fraser Valley Hazelnuts is a family-owned business focused on contributing to the regrowth of the hazelnut industry in BC. We are a grower, receiving station, and producer of hazelnuts.

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