‘95 per cent of feed volume produced is consumed within a 50-km radius,’ says Trouw official

CHILLIWACK, B.C. (May 14th, 2022) – Construction on a new 40,000 square-foot feed mill for Trouw Nutrition Canada is underway in Chilliwack.

The existing facility on Chilliwack Central Road dates back to the 1960s with the East Chilliwack Co-op, but the new production facility promises to be more sustainable and efficient than ever.

“The mill has been expanded and renovated many times over the years,” said Jared Webster, regional sales manager for Trouw Nutrition, a subsidiary of Nutreco.

Now Trouw officials are investing millions into the Fraser Valley economy to build their brand-new facility.

It’s expected to be completed by the fall of 2023 to serve livestock producers across the region.

“I think we’ll start to see progress above ground at the site with steel and equipment arriving by about mid-July,” Webster said.

At this point in construction they’ve completed the first phase of the project, focused on improving drainage on the site with an underground pond, getting pilings in place, and making sure the foundation is sound, he said.

Trouw is continuing to transform how the Canadian agriculture industry operates by adopting a “circular system” that uses land and resources more sustainably than ever.

“We’re very passionate here about serving the future, and ‘Feeding the Future’ is Nutreco’s motto,” Webster noted.

Located near downtown Chilliwack, the feed mill is perfectly positioned regionally for its agriculture-oriented clientele, since 95 per cent of the feed volume produced at the mill is consumed within a 50-kilometre radius.

“Our facility is recognized for its proximity to its loyal customer base and has held a strong reputation of innovation,” Webster said. “As market demands have remained steady, especially with our bulk and lifestyle business, as an organization, we are always looking at ways to increase efficiency within our mills, through newly automated systems and process.

“Our new production facility will help to increase the optimization and consistent flow of our feed, so we can continue to meet the high demands of our customers.”

Considered a global leader in innovative feed specialties, premixes, feed additives and nutritional services for the animal feed industry, Trouw is dedicated to ensuring local producers receive the highest quality of animal nutrition and expertise in the market.

“Our customers and prospects eagerly anticipate the completion of our production facility, so that we can meet their growing feed requirements”, says Maarten Bilj, managing director, Trouw Nutrition Canada

The new plant will incorporate 1,100 tonnes of structural steel and 5,000 s square metres of concrete into the new facility.

Maple Reinders, the prime contractor, plans to finish construction by the end of 2023.

For more details, see www.trouwnutrition.ca