Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce 2021 Business Excellence Awards - Courage and Resilience Edition

Sponsored in part by
Wellington Natural Health

Service Re-Imagined is changing consumer lifestyles, the style of services, and adapting to ever-changing environments.

Congratulations Wellington Natural Health, a local, family-run alternative wellness center, a place of healing. A safe place where the community can grow and education and support can be found. A place to discover wellness, ask questions and seek the answers you may not have known existed. Dedicated to providing a comforting space, where everyone is welcome, no matter what their journey may be.

To know a little more about Rose and Dave and how they had to re-imagine service to thrive in 2021, see the link in our Bio!

Molson Coors/Sartori Farms

Collaboration is the art of working together with one common goal, supporting one another, and growing our community together.

Congratulations Molson Coors and Sartori Hops.

Molson has a rich history of brewing in British Columbia for over 60 years. Since its official opening in 2019, Molson’s Fraser Valley Brewery has sourced local ingredients from several area farms. “The commitment of Molson Coors Fraser Valley Brewery to using locally grown hops is helping support farmers in the region,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. “From big corporations to smaller local businesses, every time one of them chooses to support our local growers it helps increase awareness of the wonderful products coming from B.C. and supports farmers and communities all over the province.”

Sartori is just one of the local farms, located in Columbia Valley that partners with Molson Coors.

Chilliwack Community Food Hub

The 2022 Courage and Resilience Award for Contribution is awarded to an initiative, partnership, or collaboration that shares expertise, time, money, or other resources in a unique way to help out other businesses, individuals, or communities.

Congratulations Chilliwack Community Food Hub!

The Chilliwack Community Food Hub is an excellent example of three organizations coming together to improve food security in our community. The Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society, Chilliwack Community Services, and Salvation Army Chilliwack launched this pilot program in September 2021. It is a small version of a much bigger vision to address food sovereignty in our community and region. This program is operated out of the Salvation Army on Yale Road and provides 9,200 meals every week to those in Chilliwack who struggle with food security.


Break Out New Business is awarded to a business venture that celebrates creativity and uniqueness to our community and has opened between March 2020 and October 2021.

Congratulations to TwoChiefs, owned and operated by Kirkland Douglas.

Paying homage to their legacy, Kirkland saw a need to educate North Americans on the rich culture and beauty of his lineage. He sought a way to bring Native design to the masses and empower other Indigenous artists along the way. This desire gave birth to TwoChiefs: 100% Native owned, Native designed, and fair trade. TwoChiefs products look to inspire North Americans with their design, historical rooting, and provide support to other artists like him.

Two Chiefs has an online shop as well as a small retail shop located on Cheam First Nation.

Chilliwack Corn Maze

The Tourism Champion is awarded to a business who embodies the spirit of tourism in Chilliwack.

Congratulations Chilliwack Corn Maze!

The Chilliwack Corn Maze opened in 1999 and just completed its 23 year of operation.

The Bruinsma girls (Mariah, Danielle, and Vanessa) have always had a vision of carrying their parents’ legacy and taking over the Chilliwack Corn Maze from and had the opportunity to do so in 2020. As small business owners, they knew the challenges that lay ahead of them but never could imagine a pandemic that would last at least over 2 seasons.

TYCROP Manufacturing Ltd.

The Innovation Award is for a product, venture or campaign that directly benefited the Chilliwack business sector, as well as had a positive impact on the quality of life in Chilliwack throughout the pandemic.

Congratulations TYCROP Manufacturing Ltd.!

TYCROP is a product creation company that specializes in designing, engineering, and building mobile industrial equipment solutions. They have a diverse set of capabilities that has allowed them to create products for numerous markets around the world, including agriculture, forestry, waste management, transport, turf, and the oilfield.

This Chilliwack company demonstrates the ability to constantly shift and have the ability to pivot to be relevant, maintain their competitive edge and utilize their innovative talent. Tycrop has diversified during the pandemic, partnering with a local start-up company, H2Portable Power Corporation, to build a prototype of portable hydrogen fuel cell. This partnership with H2Portable will enable them to shift from the oil and gas sector to the clean industry sector. Developing this partnership during the pandemic enables Tycrop to manufacture these hydrogen fuel cell units and H2Portable to address climate change, reduce carbon gas emission, and diversify into the clean energy sector using innovation. This will enable both companies to maintain, grow and create new jobs in Chilliwack.

The partnership between Tycrop Manufacturing Ltd and H2Portable during the pandemic shows the innovation, resilience and courage our businesses have in Chilliwack.