Chilliwack, BC – The Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO) is pleased to announce a major expansion of the Langley Concrete Group’s Chilliwack facility.

Even with the many economic challenges created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is encouraging to note that there is still considerable investment occurring in Chilliwack. To the end of June 2020 there has been a 25.75% increase in overall building permit values. Specifically, the industrial permit values have more than doubled to the end of June 2020 compared to the same period last year. This ongoing investment is playing an important role in the economic recovery of our community.

The Langley Concrete Group has been supplying British Columbia with precast concrete solutions for over sixty years. Products include a variety of dry and wet cast concrete drainage products for the construction of underground infrastructure, such as pipes, manholes, box culverts, catch basins, headwalls, vaults, and oil interceptors.

In 2000 the company acquired property at Cattermole Industrial Estates to build a new 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility in Chilliwack. This new facility was commissioned in 2006, and in full production by 2007. The move to Chilliwack enabled a merger of both their previous Langley and Abbotsford facilities. During the planning process, similar plants were toured across North America and Europe to ensure the design and layout of the Chilliwack facility was highly efficient and technologically advanced enabling Langley Concrete to be one of most efficient and cost-effective producers in Western Canada.

This early stage planning has been critical to the success of the Langley Concrete Group, as it created a solid foundation for ongoing growth. This is the third expansion of the Chilliwack facility to accommodate new product lines and increased volume. The latest expansion currently under construction includes 50,000 square feet of production area, and 8,000 square feet of office space.

“We are excited to continue our growth in Chilliwack with this latest expansion,” said Mark Omelaniec, President, Langley Concrete Group. “The business-friendly approach of local government and the high-quality workforce in this community has helped create a valuable partnership with Chilliwack and allowed us to provide good quality jobs with opportunity for long term employment.”

The manufacturing sector is a major part of the British Columbia economy. In any given year, manufacturing represents 8% to 10% of the Province’s GDP. It includes almost 13,000 companies, and employs close to 400,000 people directly and indirectly. Every 100 direct jobs in the manufacturing sector supports 80 jobs in the rest of the economy.

As Langley Concrete grows, it also creates more local job opportunities. They are currently hiring, with ten open positions that need to be filled ranging from starting labouring positions to supervisory and managerial level opportunities. These new positions are timely considering the unemployment rate has increased in Canada over the last few months. More information can be found at

“In the midst of global economic challenges there is still good news worth recognizing on the economic front in our community,” said Brian Coombes, CEPCO President. “New investment from companies like Langley Concrete creates additional local jobs and is cause for celebration,” added Coombes.

Media Contacts:

Mark Omelaniec
Langley Concrete Group

Brian Coombes
Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation