Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Chilliwack is located in southwest British Columbia in a regional market of about 2.6 million people. With easy access to international freight ways, Chilliwack is ideally located for industrial, commercial and institutional businesses.

Competitive costs, combined with a strong economy and excellent quality of life make Chilliwack a destination of interest for prospective businesses, investors and residents.

Chilliwack is Better for Business

Chilliwack is Better for Life


Chilliwack is located in the Lower Mainland area of the Pacific Coast of Canada in south west British Columbia (BC). This area includes Metro Vancouver (population: 2.5 million) and the Fraser Valley Regional District (population: 324,005).

Chilliwack is about 100 kms (60 miles) from the city of Vancouver. It is bordered by the city of Abbotsford to the west, the community of Agassiz next to the Fraser River to the north, the community of Popkum to the east, and the United States to the south.

Downtown Redevelopment

The innovative redevelopment by Algra Bros. aims to transform the downtown into a healthy, sustainable and thriving community and sets a benchmark for all subsequent development downtown. The  site will see a combination of retail, commercial, residential and mixed-used developments as part of the multi-year, multi-phase project that will provide a balance of jobs, amenities and housing to create a diverse and inclusive downtown core. #chilliwackisback

Our Economy

Public Sector

Chilliwack is recognized as one of the most business-friendly communities in the region. The City of Chilliwack, along with the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO), works with businesses and developers to fast-track permit approvals, provide flexible solutions and organize a multitude of business support programs and services to help new and existing Chilliwack businesses achieve success.


Chilliwack remains the top Lower Mainland municipality for streamlining applications and approval timelines according to the 23rd Annual Cost of Business Survey Report. 

Chilliwack Commercial and Industrial Listings by Spacelist

Online Mapping

Access a dynamic interactive map system with viewing options and several information layers that can be turned on as needed, as well as embedded aerial views of the city. The online mapping system allows you to view property information, water, sewer, drainage, zoning and more. This Geographic Information System (GIS) map service lets you access public data through maps of Chilliwack.

Chilliwack’s quality of life is enhanced with a variety of arts, culture, entertainment, hiking, water sports, camping, mountain biking and fishing.

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